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The posts below are somewhat random and infrequent as we do not update this blog very often. If you would like a current and more thorough peek into our fungal world please check out our instagram page

A beauty of an oyster!
We started growing microgreens in August 2021. They work perfectly with our mushroom production system!

2019: Currently we are cultivating 4 varieties of oyster mushrooms! Pink oysters (Pleurotus salmoneostramineus), Golden oysters (Pleurotus citrinopileatus) White oysters (Pleurotus ostreatus variety Elm A.) and our main crop: Gray oysters (Pleurotus ostreatus).

Here’s a photo taken this last week just outside our mushroom house.

In addition to the oysters we are growing wine caps, also known as garden giants or king stropharia. These mushrooms are grown outdoors in beds of inoculated wood chips. They are super tasty and firm and add a nice variety to our offerings. The flavor is very different from oysters..sweet and earthy with a taste of potatoes, weird, right!? But totally delicious 🙂

We grew a pink mushroom!

Pleurotus salmoneostramineus. It’s a tropical species of oyster mushroom that fruits pink. It’s beautiful and the caps even look like flower petals. When I cooked it up it lost some of its color- turning a pale pinkish orange. It reminded me of the first time I saw purple green beans at the farmers’ market. I was so excited to serve them to my friends! But alas, as they cooked the purple disappeared into regular green. I will say that the pink oyster is not as flavorful as the grey oysters we have been growing, but the novelty of the color is exciting.